2020 Tensas Panthers Football Team

Week in and week out we talk on K104 about the impact players and showcase the big wins across NELA. However, not every school is in a position to win each and every week. The Tensas Panthers are one of those teams. They only have 13 young men that dress out and they haven’t won a game in over 2 seasons. They lost 42-6 last night to Oak Grove (in only a half) and have been outscored 162-28 this year through 4 games. Obviously, when you only have 13 players, there are not a lot of family members at the games to support the team either. It would be easy to give up and quit but these young men do not do that nor does their coaching staff. We interviewed Coach Quinton Powell two weeks ago after a game and he didn’t make any excuses. He merely said they had a young team and were trying to improve every week. Coach Shedrick Moses also gives us scores and updates every week and also remains super positive. These guys may not win a game the rest of this season but they are teaching us all a very valuable lesson – do not give up! They play for the love of the game, the love of each other and the love of their school and we want to recognize every one of these warriors. Here are the 13 young men that suit up for Tensas each and every week. We appreciate these Panthers!! 🐆 🏈 ❤️

Credit: K104 Downs Law Friday Night Scoreboard Show

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