Letter from the President

After twenty-six years in the United States Air Force and sixteen years teaching high school students, I find myself with yet another great opportunity to make a difference.  Therefore, it is with great joy and honor to have been selected to be the President of the Board of
Directors, Tensas Reunion Inc.  Through the years of being associated with such an extraordinary organization, I find myself in the unique position along with the other board members to help continue the legacy of this wonderful family of great achievers

The climate of the 50s, 60s, and 70s dictated that very little by way of success would come out of Tensas Rosenwald High, but we proved them wrong.  With a love for God, family and hard work, Tensasans have made its mark not only in the United States Military, but also in all aspects of the professional field.  One such person, Dr. Andrew Brimmer who was born in Newellton was a world renowned economics, academic, and business leader.  Dr. Brimmer also served as the first black governor of the Federal Reserve System.  His work for the US government is well documented.  Who we are has much to do with remembering those that paved the way.

As we endeavor to move forward of maintaining our cultural heritage, I am reminded of the core values of the United States Air Force, which states: Integrity first, Service before self and Excellence in all that we do.  Therefore, as Board of Directors we will maintain the integrity of the reunion; provide service to our organization and we will do it with excellence and class.

God Bless,


Rev. Charlie B. Washington

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